What services do you provide?  

CCBI provides an umbrella of services for individuals who were diagnosed with a disability before age 21.  These services range from 24 hour care, Work Services, and Day Habilitation Services.


Who do we serve?  

We serve adults, age 18 and older, who are eligible for Home Community Based Waiver Services (HCBS), Intellectual, Mental Health, Health & Disabilities, and Elderly Waiver Services.


How do individuals become eligible for services?

Contact your Medicaid (MCO) Case Manager and explain what you are struggling with.  They are there to help guide you to completing a SIS assessment (Support Intensity Scale.)  After completion of the assessment, your case manager will meet with you to discuss the types and options for services.  We hope you select us as your provider!


What is your agency size?  

Centerville Community Betterment, Inc., is 50 employees strong.  We take care of 40 consumers in our services.

Centerville Community Betterment, Inc.