About Us

Centerville Community Betterment Inc. offers 40 years of service delivery in the Centerville area. Programming provides a complete range of care to individuals. We provide a complete range of services to intellectually disabled or chronically mentally ill in accessing their community, work in the community for a competitive wage with supports, live as independently as possible and developing social supports. CCBI is CARF accredited with excellent DIA/DHS reviews. CCBI has been known for its ability to provide 24-hour care but has expanded to Day Habilitation Services and competitive community job placements. Our work program exceeds all others in the region for successfully helping individuals obtain a competitive job with excellent pay by partnering with employers in our community. CCBI maintains a balance of size that allows us to provide diverse, expert services to a variety of individuals, while being small enough to know your wants and needs.

Key benefits to accessing our services

CCBI has a combined 120 years of management experience on staff to provide assessments, treatment, financial eligibility information and ongoing problem solving to meet the needs of those who seek our help.

CCBI has one-stop shopping for individuals with a variety of needs. We provide an umbrella of services (Work Services, Day Habilitation Services and Residential Services) that can meet a large variance of diagnoses and disabilities.  We have a service for every level of care.

CCBI is CARF accredited at the highest level possible with additional positive feedback from licensing entities; DHS and DIA

CCBI provides integrated community services to assist individuals in being part of their community and contributing to increased life satisfaction.

Centerville Community Betterment, Inc.