Bette Howell


Bette Howell / Secretary

Bette started out her career as a social worker for the Department of Human Services for 25 years.  As Social Services County Director, Bette saw first-hand the state institutional services provided to individuals with intellectual disabilities; with a determination to bring these individuals back home to their families with support services.  Bette has been part of the Centerville Community Betterment, Inc.’s Board of Directors, for over 30 years, most of which she presided as president. Bette Howell’s second profession was to manage Howell Insurance and Realty, as a Broker/Realtor for over 25 years.  Bette has taken time out of her business duties to assist CCBI with general management duties of the organization and has promoted CCBI and its consumers her entire life. Bette would like to see increased promotion of CCBI and its’ causes.

Centerville Community Betterment, Inc.